The Great iPad Experiment

March 16th, 2011

I just got back home from SXSW, one of the funnest conferences I've been to in a while.  In the spirit of trying new things, I decided to go without my laptop and instead opted to take only my iPad.  Overall, the iPad turned out to be a great decision.  I didn't have to lug around my Macbook Pro 15" and the iPad did everything I needed to do.  Now if my office needed me to work on something that would of been a different story, but chances are I wouldn't of been effective anyway (it was a very fun conference).

There where a few instances where I wish I had a laptop.  On the flight back here was free wifi if you clicked on a Flash banner ad.  Well obviously I couldn't get the activation code that way, but I did manage to help the guy sitting next to me and swiped the generic code in the process.  Also I realized that while the iPad sleeve I purchased years ago is fine at work, I needed a courier bag style case for carrying the iPad, headphones, power adapter and any swag I could get my hands on.