Hands on the New MacBook Pro

December 18th, 2016

With the holidays near and my local Apple store being in a giant mall, I usually avoid that side of town at all costs.  But when I discovered that my iPhone 6s is part of the battery replacement program, I had to face my fears and schedule a genius bar appointment.  After scouring the parking lots for a free space and fighting the unusually cold temperatures I made it inside the cozy Apple store.  Eric told me that it would take an hour to fix my phone once they had replacement batteries in stock.  Now with nothing to do I decided to fine one of those new MacBook Pros and give it a swirl.

Overall, its not that different from the previous generation.  The keyboard was my biggest fear and after trying it for a few minutes all I have to say is that even though it feels different I'll get use to it.  The absence of a physical Escape key didn't bother me either (I code so the escape key is integral to my workflow).  The virtual one work just as good, although I wish it was farther to the left, but that's impossible in the current design.

With that experience over I decided to get the heck out of there until I have to get my battery replaced for reals.